Between what is me and what is not me

One of the many artful disciplines needed at this time is the art of poetry. Good poetry is speech fully in the physical body and fully in the body of the society into which it is spoken. Poetry is the spoken edge between what I think is me and what I think is not me. Poetry takes us beyond ourselves and into ourselves at exactly the same time. It is the place where the distance between us and others, between us and the world, comes to be healed and made more beautiful by intimacy. Poetry is the human imagination tempered by the details and necessities of the physical world we inhabit. It cannot exist without that relationship being cemented and made real. The frontier between speech and physical reality is not a fixed possession but a constantly moving conversation between self and other. It makes real our speech, our relationships, our communities and our ability to live with others in the only home we have for the moment: the world we have inherited; one we should not abandon while we live and breathe and can still speak out.

(David Whyte –